Sunday, June 17, 2007

A great place to take the kids... even if you are only a "kid" at heart.

There is a place in Oceana County with some very interesting living attractions... and it's free to visit them. Ever been near an Alpaca? Know what a Zebu is (no, that's not a typo) and have you ever seen any? Camels? Miniature Donkeys? Miniature Horses? Sheep that show off their sense of balance by walking a wooden bridge? Surely you've fed a peacock!

Time to take the kids or your camera or both to Lewis' Farm Market and Petting Farm on M-20 between the Expressway and Oceana Drive. You might find something good to eat while you're there too (it's always a tie for me between the pie and the ice cream, luckily they go together well). Here's a link to their web page (yes, I made the webpage, but you see, that's how I know all about the critters! It's also how I know it's worth going)

So if you're looking for some good eats, some free entertainment for the kids (of all ages) and if you just have to see the Zebus, Camels, and Alpacas that now make Oceana County their home, then head on over, you will NOT be disappointed!

Sunday, June 3, 2007


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To get us started, the National Asparagus Festival is coming up next weekend (it's always the 2nd weekend in June). For all the information on the events happening go to